Bresser Junior Astroplanetarium

ИД на продукт: 33140
Constellations: 61. Stars: 8000.
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Bresser Junior Astroplanetarium – enjoy the starry night sky right at home! It allows you to see 8600 stars and 61 constellations without moving from your couch!

Astroplanetarium is extremely easy to handle – just point it at a light monochrome surface (a ceiling, for example), set the desired time, and turn on the device.

Built-in motors rotate the image, imitating the daily movement of the celestial sphere. To make it even more realistic, the device projects “falling” stars, and, for more convenience in determining constellations, projects the lines between the stars. The planetarium is powered by three AA batteries.

The kit includes:
Bresser Junior Astroplanetarium
Pedestal for the planetarium sphere
2 projection discs
Software CDs
3 AA batteries
User manual and 5-year warranty

Constellations: 61
Stars: 8000
Projection size, m: 1.6x2.1
Observation position: 35° north latitude
Sleep mode: 30/60/120 minutes
Shooting stars function: Yes
Power supply: 3 AA batteries