Bresser Desktop Tripod 240mm

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Compact and lightweight. Load capacity: 1 kg
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Bresser Desktop Tripod can be used with binoculars and telescopes of any brand. Due to the compact dimensions and light weight, the tripod is very convenient for taking on a walk or trip. The tripod can be used with optical instruments weighing up to 1 kg. The tripod’s design allows you to rotate the installed device around its axis, orienting it vertically or horizontally. To make a turn, use the special knob.

The tripod has a standard thread and can easily replace an ordinary photo tripod. To use it with binoculars, you will need an additional adapter.

Compact and lightweight tripod
Load capacity: 1 kg
1/4” tripod thread
Convenient handle for horizontal and vertical positioning of the tripod head

Material: metal
Maximum height, mm: 240
Load capacity, kg 1
Dimensions, mm: 320x280x240 (unfolded), 295x65x54 (folded)
Weight, kg: 0.245